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biographyMiyuki Ebe Earle

Miyuki’s art springs from her passion. Experiences in her life, whether happy or sad, wonderful or despairing serve as inspiration.
As she is fond of saying, Life is art, art is life. Life and art are so deep.

She was born in Tokyo Japan. As a child, she loved to draw and was fascinated with how art could tell a story. The thought of becoming an artist painter never occurred to her though.
When she was five years old, one of her paintings was displayed on TV.

Later as an adult, working as a designer of living spaces, she began to paint again.
While working she traveled throughout New York, Canada and Australia. During that period, she began to experiment with acrylics.

Her first solo exhibition took place in Ginza Gallery House Tokyo. After the exhibition, a poster and silkscreen of one of her works was created and went on sale in the surrounding area. Following that, she had additional solo exhibitions in Tokyo and Kanazawa.
Also she published poems.
During this time, she taught herself to paint with oils.
After her exhibitions in Tokyo, inspiration caused her to move to Milan Italy.
Thereafter she traveled back and forth between Europe and Japan, visiting France, Spain, Germany, England and Switzerland.
While in Milan, she participated in a group exhibition with several Italian artists.
Later she moved to Florence Italy where the artistic history of Florence moved her deeply.
During that time she also had an exhibition in Saint Germain des Pres Paris France.
Currently, she has lived in the USA and has displayed pieces of her work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Miyuki’s choice of deep rich colors reflect the vibrancy and complexity of life.
But, we are all mortal and imperfect. We might strive to do our best in life, but our best does not always work out the way we may hope.
The leaning buildings and twisting roads in her works reflect this inability to attain all that we want, try as we might.
Life is art. Art is Life.


その後、イーグルギャラリー、伊東屋銀座本店、日本橋ギャラリー砂翁&トモス、新宿 The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo などで、個展、グループ展開催と同時に、フランス、スイス、ドイツ、スペイン、イタリア、イギリスなどヨーロッパ各国を巡り、独学で油絵を学ぶ。
その後、イタリア フィレンツェに滞在し、より芸術への興味を深める。
フランス パリのサン・ジェルマン デプレにて個展を開催。

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