Miyu is an artist painter, poet and world traveler currently living in California’s Bay Area. She was born in Tokyo.
Miyu’s art springs from her passion. Experiences in her life, whether happy or sad, wonderful or despairing serve as
inspiration. As she is fond of saying, Life is art, art is life.

Miyu’s creative talents surfaced early in her life. When she was five years old, a colorful drawing of a rabbit she painted got such public attention it was featured on local TV.

After visiting New York numerous times, Miyu was inspired to put her New York memories into paintings. Following those creations, she had her first solo exhibition in Tokyo Japan in 1998. More solo exhibitions in galleries throughout Tokyo took place after that. Later she held group exhibitions with Italian artists in Milan Italy, and a solo exhibition in Saint-Germain-des Près Paris France.
Miyu temporarily moved to Milan and Florence Italy to learn oil painting on her own. During that time, she visited France, Spain, Germany, the UK and Switzerland for inspiration.
She has also exhibited her works in Carmel and San Francisco California.
Inspired by Ukiyo-e style, Impressionism, Contemporary and Pop art, she pursues her own style.

Miyu’s vividly colorful and richly detailed works are always interesting. They have a way of drawing the observer into her paintings, creating the desire to explore the scene as if you were visiting a new exotic location for the first time. Miyu’s art captures the eye, the mind and sometimes, it captures the heart.